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10 macOS apps that should be used by a newbie mac user​

Right now Macs are so packed with real usefulness from the very beginning that it’s hard to figure out right away which third-party applications you can advise yesterday’s Windows user. Especially when the Mac counterparts of regular Windows programs are not as an example functional, and they take very little time to master. However, something still can be advised to install on the very first day of work with the “apple” computer.

I specifically set aside all sorts of instant messengers, alternative web browsers, office suites and other products that are well known on other platforms or, by and large, are not very necessary for a beginner (for example, why take up Evernote right away, when “Notes” can be enough for the eyes?).


A useful utility that cleans external drives when they are disconnected from the Mac. “Apple” OS leaves in the directories service files with information about the data, their labels, display options, etc. On the Mac, these files are not visible, but on other computers and consumer devices they cause certain inconveniences. CleanMyDrive is precisely what removes all special data from a disconnected drive, which are useful only on Macs.

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Sometimes this application is called the system optimizer, and with the release of the third version of the program, it is getting closer to the truth. Although the main purpose of Klin-May-mek remains the same – it is a high-quality cleaner whose task is to remove all unnecessary digital trash from your computer, which takes place, first of all, on the system drive. Temporary files, program cache, unnecessary program localizations, duplicate photos in iPhoto, links to deleted files, old system logs – all this can be deleted, thereby freeing up a lot of space on the Mac. In addition to cleaning, CleanMyMac also allows you to run a number of system processes that optimize the work of OS X as a whole and its individual components. For example, the program allows you to re-index the databases of the Mail postmaster and the Spotlight search engine, which theoretically can speed up the Mac’s work and eliminate the problems with these programs.

The same program can carry out a clean removal of unnecessary applications. Although OS X does not have the notorious registry, but deleting the program via the Recycle Bin leaves a whole pile of unnecessary files in the system folders – CleanMyMac will find them and offer to delete them.

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Trim Enabler

By default, Apple’s OS only supports TRIM for Apple’s SSDs. Trim Enabler is designed to correct this annoying misunderstanding and activate TRIM for most existing SSDs. With Trim, you can add this feature to your Mac, just click on the switch.

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Has it happened that you don’t know where the 600 GB hard disk drive went? In order to find out who occupied the whole area, there is a wonderful program and its name is DaisyDisk. This program provides a convenient visual representation of your hard disk, allowing the user to determine which files are the most voracious in terms of free disk space and delete them.

Application developers DaisyDisk claim that the program will easily cope with scanning the hard disk for large files and help you determine what’s what.

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The Unarchiver

Universal unpacker of various archives. The utility supports dozens of different archives, ranging from popular ZIP, RAR, CAB, EXE, MSI and ending with every little-known exotic type of PKD, XMS, SAR, NSA, and others. The program can be configured so that after unpacking the archive, it will be sent immediately to the Trash. Quick and convenient.

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Under Mac, universal players, probably, were stamped as much as under Windows. But I would call VLC a de facto standard. Free, open source, but so polished and file-processed that it is a pleasure to use this program. Omnivorous, does not require installation of additional codecs, supports streaming media files directly from the web. For example, I like to watch long videos from YouTube in VLC. The player has a lot of functions, and there are even more settings – but at first it can be used without additional configuration.

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Good old video converter, which until recently specialized in converting DVD-and Blu-ray-video, and now allows you to transfer any video from one popular format to another popular format. Like any open source product, Handbrake is replete with various options, checkboxes, radio buttons and sliders. But fortunately, all this wealth can be bypassed by choosing one of the profiles available in the sidebar. The program works quickly and clearly, the result is always happy.

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It happens that you forget to switch the keyboard layout, and you start typing some kind of abracadabra. The PuntoSwitcher utility recognizes the language in which you started typing, and if the layout does not match this language, an automatic switching occurs, and the beginning of the erroneously typed text is converted.

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A smart tool for remotely controlling a computer, as if the user was sitting right in front of him. Very useful for distance learning: a beginner had a question about how to do something on a Mac – instead of abstract words, a familiar experienced Mac driver can connect to a computer from afar, take control of the mouse and keyboard, and clearly show everything, explaining his actions with a voice .

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Of all the torrent clients for Mac, I like Transmission. A laconic, compact, lightweight and fairly informative interface, in my opinion, distinguishes this program very favorably from the more massive and overloaded with service data μTorrent. I tried both programs and stopped at Transmission.

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