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Frequently Asked Questions

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Toomac is a service where you get a set of high-quality macOS applications for a monthly subscription. All apps are fully functional, with no restrictions and in-app purchases. We have only the best software providers and our selection of applications continues to grow.

Signing up for Toomac is a quick and easy process:

Follow the link
Select a subscription plan and click Start. In addition, after payment, you can use your Facebook or Google account to join Toomac even faster.

Verification is required when choosing a student rate.

Yes, we offer a 7-day trial period for all new users. During this period, you can use all apps in Toomac and without any restrictions. To start the trial, just register.

Please note that we ask you to add a credit card during the trial period. However, if you don’t like Toomac, you can unsubscribe at any time for free. View the refund policy.

The note

You can extend the trial period to six months. Just invite your friends to Toomac and get an extra month for everyone to join. You have five invitations.

Yes, Toomac gives you access to all hosted applications without restrictions. No additional payments, paid updates, in-app purchases – only fully working applications.

If you have a regular monthly or annual subscription, you can use Toomac on two Macs simultaneously. Just log in to your account on a second Mac.

Please note that the student rate or family membership includes a subscription to only one Mac. If you need Toomac on more Macs, you can purchase up to 3 extra seats for $ 4.99 per month each.

We understand that there may be some situations where our users will not be able to pay a regular monthly fee, for example, due to the expiration of a credit card. Or the site may not receive payment confirmation if the user is not online.

Therefore, we set a 7-day grace period, which begins after the end of the subscription period, if Toomac does not receive payment confirmation. In this case, those customers who have paid at least once for Toomac’s monthly subscription continue to use it freely and have 7 days to resolve potential payment problems.

If Toomac receives payment confirmation before the end of the grace period, the user will be charged a regular monthly fee, according to his tariff. Otherwise, we are forced to suspend the account. Later, if the user decides to renew an account that has been deactivated due to non-payment, he will have to pay a regular subscription fee. Please note that our support team is always ready to help you if any help is needed.

Toomac works with proven and respected developers who create applications of exceptional quality and value.

If a developer wants his application to join Toomac, he sends it to us for verification. Then we conduct a series of tests and check the application for compliance with our recommendations for quality, functionality, security and privacy. If it fits, we endorse the application and make it available to you without restriction.

As you can see, we carefully select each application before it joins Toomac so that you do not face security problems.

First of all, ask a question in the comments below the application that you downloaded from our website. Read the description and installation instructions, if available on the application page. Visit our help page, we have articles on possible problems on macOS with applications. In a pinch, you can in those. Toomac support.

We have high-quality standards and, as a rule, we add new developers by invitation only. However, if you feel that your product is of exceptional quality, and you want to join Toomac, let us know at