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Solution: “The application is damaged and can not …”

OS X: Gatekeeper function
The Gatekeeper feature settings are found in Apple menu> System Preferences …> Security and Safety> General tab under the heading “Allow software downloads from:”.

macOS Sierra 10.12
if at 10.12 there is no “Allow the use of programs downloaded from: any source” item in the “Security and Safety” settings
a) Removing quarantine for the specified application (does not always work)

  • we open the terminal
  • copy the code and paste it into the open terminal window

sudo xattr -rd
put a space, drag the icon of the desired program into the terminal window and press Enter
b) After executing the command specified below in the “System Settings -> Protection and Security -> Basic” in the terminal, the item Allow the use of programs loaded from “Any source” appears (the command is executed once)

sudo spctl –master-disable

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