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Terms & conditions

Welcome to these rules are created to streamline communication in this forum. The rules are mandatory for all those present at the forum. The rules are not exhaustive and do not describe all possible situations, nuances, provisions, permissions and prohibitions. In all disputed cases, the decisive word remains with the Administration. The administration reserves the right to change these Rules. In this case, this will be additionally reported in the News forum.


1. Registration
1.1. Registration is an integral part of the presence on the forum. Passing the registration automatically indicates your acceptance of these Rules. If you do not agree with these Rules, please write to the Forum Administrator. It deactivates your account.
1.2. Passing the registration automatically indicates your acceptance of these Rules.
1.3. Your account can be deactivated or deleted without warning, if the name (nickname), which you have chosen to participate in the forum: repeats the already existing or violates the standards of decency and morality (such nicknames as: Hitler, Alakh-Akbar, Schoch, Pakhan, Antichrist, containing religious terms, etc.) carries advertising sites contains profanity similar to the degree of confusion with the name of the moderator or administrator
1.4. The user undertakes not to transfer to other persons his personal data obtained during registration (login and password, passkey) to enter / identify a resource and is fully responsible for the loss, loss, disappearance or other transmission of personal data, as well as for the consequences associated with this deed.


2. Restrictions on the forum.
All participants of this forum are prohibited:
2.1. Creating multi accounts.
2.2. Insult forum participants in any form (It is forbidden to display any rudeness, threats, personal insults and obscene statements, including in a hidden form, both in relation to legal and and specific individuals). Participants must respect the respectful form of communication.
2.3. Use in communication on the forum abusive expressions and words, including in a veiled form. Any substitute products and euphemisms are prohibited. Any. For non-compliance with this paragraph of the rules – prev. For malicious non-compliance – ban. Mato-substitutes include phrases and words like: crap, xs, bullshit, tp, okuet and the like and derivatives. It does not matter in what context you use the abbreviation! Remember, the moderator is very suspicious and incredulous. Refrain from using such words and you will stay with us for a long time!
2.4. Redundant quotes and offsite reproduction.
2.5. Create topics with titles that do not briefly explain its essence: “help”, “problem” and the like.
2.6. Publish cracks, serial numbers, etc. in open form. 2.7. Write advertising texts and messages of a commercial nature.
2.8. Do business with a resource that except for the commercial section of the forum and separately agreed situations.
2.9. Use the forum as a mailing board for messages of a private nature, addressed to a specific participant (there are drugs for this).
2.10. To show racial, national and religious hostility, to promote terrorism, extremism, drugs and other topics that are incompatible with generally accepted laws of morality and decency.
2.11. Use in communication on the forum a language other than Ukrainian or Russian, and a font other than Cyrillic. There are a number of virtual keyboard services on the Internet. Moderators and Administrators have the right to edit or delete messages written in a language other than Ukrainian or Russian, and in a font other than Cyrillic, without warning.
2.12. Use red font in messages. Red color – the color of the administration and moderators.
2.13. Abuse the use of flat caps (use Caps Lock).
2.14. Publicly make claims and discuss actions of the Moderator or Administrator. A forum member who disagrees with the actions of the Moderator may express his disagreement to the Moderator in a personal message. If there is no answer from the Moderator or the answer, according to the participant, is unreasonable, the latter has the right to ask his question in the Grievance section. A link to a new topic can be sent to the Administrator by a personal message to attract his attention. The final decision is made by the Administrator. This decision is final and non-negotiable.
2.15. With experience less than 2 weeks to join the release group. 2.16. Edit / delete moderator or administrator comments.
2.17. Any discussion of politics, political provocations, debates, disputes about politics is prohibited. To do this, there is a corresponding garbage can or PM! For violation of the rules – a warning, repeated violation – a ban for two weeks. In the case of another violation of this rule – ban forever and ever.
2.18. Links to third-party resources and warez portals are prohibited (especially if there is a distribution on the tracker). Exceptions may be links to additional information, the author’s home page or developer’s website, an extended description of the software, to forums that do not require registration, to free file sharing sites (not requiring a waiting time) and links to Our Partners. Additional conditions for placing links are negotiated with the Administration.
2.19. Chat is a means of communication between users with their Rules, and not a place to provide technical assistance on complex issues in real time. All requests for help with poppy / hack / pr. You need to create on the forum, guided by the rules of the relevant sections. However, chatting must comply with the rules of our resource. Remember this.


3. Restrictions on the tracker.
All distributors (laying out the file for public download) are required to control the content of this distribution by quality. Everybody Distributors on this tracker are prohibited from:
3.1. Create and place for download distribution, duplicating what already exists on the tracker. Duplicate is considered to be no different in content or quality information.
3.2. Create and place for download distribution, the torrent of which is registered on another tracker.
3.3. Create and post content categories XXX. For such content there are lots of other trackers and garbage dumps. 3.4. Close the channel to return. You should maintain the ratio of the volume of information given to the volume downloaded more than 0.3. After the end of the download, stay on hand until the next 3-4 downloads appear. It is also prohibited by technical, software or other means and methods to prevent file sharing and distort statistics of data exchange between users of a resource (cheating). Otherwise, your account may be deactivated without warning.
3.5. Spread torrents, registered with us on foreign resources.
3.6. Use on the tracker fake and cheat torrent clients / utilities and other methods of manipulating Upload / Download and deceiving the tracker statistics accounting system, otherwise your account will be deactivated or deleted without warning and resetting the entire Upload.


4. Avatar and Signature
Avatar and the signature of forum participants must also comply with the following items:
4.1. Avatar: Maximum size: 150×150 pixels; weight: up to 250 Kb. Content: violence, threats (on a demographic, national, religious or political basis), foul language (profanity, name-calling, rudeness, etc.), debauchery (pornography), discrimination of any kind, drug propaganda, commercial advertising and advertising texts, imitation of titles / ranks of this resource, intentional similarity with avatars of members of the administration, as well as provocative images, including using the Nazi symbolism. Animation: strongly flashing, flickering, rotating avatars are prohibited. Do not choose your avatars that contain obscene images that mimic the ranks on the forum, including Bot’s avatar or admin or moderator copy avatars.
4.2. Signature: The maximum number of users is 2, located in the 1st line, each with a height of 19 points and a width of 350 points. Content: violence, threats (demographic, national, religious or political), foul language (profanity, name-calling, rudeness, etc.), debauchery (pornography), discrimination in all forms, commercial advertising and advertising texts, imitation are unacceptable titles / ranks of this resource, as well as provocative images, including using Nazi symbols. Animation and pictures in the signature are prohibited. In addition to 2 userbars, you can use 3 spoilers in the caption containing standard size text without any graphic elements. Signature under your messages cannot be used to create links to any network resources. If you create a link in your signature and refuse to delete it, your account will be deactivated. If you violate the rules regarding the signature or avatars, then you may be prohibited from showing them without warning.


5. Rules for commenting on topics and distribution
We welcome friendly comments containing additional interesting or useful information.
5.1. The torrent comment system is designed to:
• ask a question about the features of the distribution, if it is not sufficiently covered in the description or a similar question was not addressed in the comments above,
• provide interesting or important information relating to the distribution. Note: in all forums except “Audio, Video and Books”, express respect for the author of the distribution and gratitude for the release can and should be THANKS button, and in the comments to the distributions of the Programs, OS, iOS and Games sections – exclusively because of the typically fast filling of pages with irrelevant comments and the difficulty of finding there really important details of the discussion.
5.2. If you do not intend to connect to the distribution – do not comment on it.
5.3. Banned flame, flood and incitement to them, as well as trolling and other provocations (messages that have no semantic meaning).
5.4. Overclocking is prohibited. Cite only the important, essential parts of the message you reply to. 5.5. If there is a need to quote a long message – put it in the spoiler.
5.6. Prohibitively unsubstantiated negative comments regarding the release; to the address of the releaser; to other participants in the discussion.
5.7. The tracker has an unconditional ban on holivary Macintosh vs Hackintosh.
5.8. Prohibited as a flood message “Give speed” or “Distribute” and all their possible options in the distribution, posted less than two weeks ago. “Download”, “Finally”, “try!” and the like
5.9. In the comments only the distribution itself is discussed directly, its differences from other similar ones, its problems and subtleties.
5.10. Search and order of any other software, games, books, video is allowed exclusively and only in the topic: Order / soft a Request (software) (forum) Game order / / Request a game (forum) Book orders (topic) No application you need? Table movie orders (topic)
5.11. When commenting in the sections of software, OS, iOS and Games, whether positive or negative, the following must be indicated: Type of processor, model of the video card and its memory, version of the operating system (if they are not indicated in your signature). This information is necessary so that others can compare their system with that to which the comment relates. For example, half of self-made games do not go on ATI / AMD video cards. If we are talking about a problem, then besides the configuration you need:
A. A detailed description of the problem in Russian (and not just Russian letters).
B. Screenshots of the problem under the spoiler (preferably). Comments that do not correspond to the first two points are deleted because of their utter meaninglessness.
C. Note: For Beta- and Developer-preview versions of OC or updates for them, commenting is accepted only in the form of reports. These versions are not intended for everyday use, so no complaints about them and the work of software for them are not accepted. D. Remember, distributions on the tracker are in no way intended to satisfy your personal requests, if you do not like distribution or speed of distribution – try to search for something more suitable for you without negative comments here.


6. Moderators and Administrators
6.1. Moderators monitor order, compliance with Forum Rules and Registration Rules.
6.2. Moderators make decisions on the compliance of users’ messages with the Forum Rules and the compliance of distributions with the requirements of the Registration Rules.
6.3. Moderators can edit or delete users’ messages if these messages contradict or do not meet the basic requirements of the Rules and topics of this forum, or in other cases, if they consider it necessary.
6.4. Moderators can delete topics that are not allowed on the forum tracker.
6.5. Moderators can move topics to the most appropriate section of the tracker or forum.
6.6. Moderators can close topics from comments and / or move them to the archive if the topic has lost relevance. 6.7. Moderators can close releases from comments and / or move them to the archive if the release is no longer relevant; if the release is considered replay; if there is no sider on the distribution for more than a month;
6.8. Moderators may issue a warning to users for non-compliance with the Rules, and in case of systematic and / or gross violations, they have the right to temporarily block individual users from accessing the forum (ban), until the Administration deactivates their account.
6.9. All specified actions are also can be implemented and administrators.
Internet resource (website) (hereinafter referred to as Resource) is an Internet site that allows users to exchange with each other information via the bit-torrent protocol, as well as in a free form, and provides means for monitoring the integrity of the transmitted information (by means of hash files).
This CUSTOM AGREEMENT automatically enters into force after registration on the login pages and is valid for the entire time that the User uses the Resource. The USER AGREEMENT may be modified by the Administration without any notice to the users. The new version of the PS enters into force upon expiration of 3 (three) days from the moment of its publication, unless otherwise provided by the new edition of the USER AGREEMENT.
The user expressly agrees that he uses the Resource at his own risk. The user knows and agrees that the Resource deals with materials and data created by third parties and placed by them on the Internet on their computers and / or servers. The content and safety of these materials can not be monitored by the Administration of the Resource, so the latter is not responsible:
– for the content of the materials received by the User as a result of using data from the Resource, their possible incompatibility with the current legislation or an offensive character;
– for the consequences of applying, using or not using the information received;
– for possible discrepancy of the results obtained when using the Resource, the expectations of the User;
– for any damage to the User’s equipment or software resulting from the use of the Resource;
– for the inability to use the Resource for any reason;
– for the consequences that may result from the distribution of illegal or unlicensed software and audio / video products, as well as other materials or data affecting the rights of third parties. Under no circumstances the Resource is not liable to the User or third parties for damage, losses or expenses arising in connection with this Resource, its use or inability to use, including lost or lost profits. The Administration of the Resource does not have any obligations to ensure confidentiality regarding the information provided to its Users, although it takes all possible measures to this, unless otherwise agreed or the relevant requirements of the current legislation exist.
The Resource’s duties DO NOT INCLUDE the control of the legality or illegality of the information transmitted (any, including, but not limited to, information transmitted between users via the bit-torrent protocol, internal transfer of information in the form of various links, texts or archives) receiving or using this information.
When using this Resource, the USER has no right, and agrees with this:
– place hash files (torrents) of data containing viruses or other computer programs of deliberately harmful actions, files or programs intended to violate, destroy or limit the functionality of any computer or telecommunications equipment or programs, to perform unauthorized access, and serial numbers to commercial software products and programs for their generation, logins, passwords and other means for obtaining unauthorized access to paid resources in Inte Rnete, as well as post links to the above information;
– post hash-files (torrents) of any messages, data or programs, the use of which affects any patent, trademark, trade secret, copyright or other proprietary rights and / or copyright and related rights of third parties;
– send unauthorized advertising type email messages (junk mail, spam) to the email addresses indicated on the site;
– copy and use for commercial purposes any information obtained through this resource that violates the rights of other Users or may cause them direct material or moral damage;
– post links to web resources, the content of which contradicts the current legislation of the Russian Federation;
– impersonate another person or a representative of the organization and / or the community without sufficient rights, including administrative staff, for the owner of the Resource.
Access to the Resource is provided on an “as is” basis (“as is”) without guarantees of any kind, either direct or indirect.
In particular, the Administration of the Resource does not guarantee the operability of both the site and its individual sections, and the operability and reliability of the links posted on it by its Users.
The resource is not responsible for any direct or indirect damages resulting from: use or inability to use the service; unauthorized access to your communications.
The Administration of the Resource has the right to refuse access to the Resource to any User, or a group of Users without explaining the reasons for their actions and prior notification.
The Resource Administration has the right to change or delete links to information, hash-files (torrents), graphic, sound and other data posted by Users on the Resource, without prior notification and explanation of the reasons for their actions.
The user agrees that all possible disputes over the USE AGREEMENT will be resolved under the rules of Russian law.
The user agrees that the rules and laws on consumer protection cannot be applied to his use of the Resource, since he does not provide compensated services.
The resource does not establish agency relations, partnership relations, joint activity relations, personal employment relations, or any other relations that are not directly described in the USE AGREEMENT with users.
Inactivity on the part of the Resource in the event of a violation by the User or a group of Users of the USER AGREEMENT does not mean that the Resource assists the User or the group of Users in such actions.
Inaction on the part of the Resource in the event of a violation by the User or a group of Users of the USER AGREEMENT does not deprive the Resource of the right to take appropriate actions to protect its interests later.
All funds will be used exclusively for the development and support of the Toomac resource.
All payments made on Toomac’s website are of an exclusively charitable nature, but we thank our users for certain services as a motivation to support the development of the Toomac project. The administration is not responsible for the funds sent to the detriment of Toomac.
In other words, we do not return funds to the senders in case of any mistakes in the transfer. The administration reserves the right to store data on successful transfers and does not deposit funds to its accounts, and also guarantees their anonymity.

Last updated: June 22, 2018